oct 24, 2011

Les paroles de JUPITER

Remember when you wanted to go
On the rocks, on the stones, in the air
On the rails through the Milky Way
You pulled in to a station called Jupiter
Remember when you fell from dark space
Just before you lived in this place
Planets rolled out from black holes
But not on the head of Jupiter

With no education, ambition or elections
Rules on Jupiter need a golden age
So you conquered Jupiter
You found the time to make this war
But you met something you could not imagine
Love, my friend, is true on Jupiter

Remember when you asked if the stars
If the lights, if the moons, above us
Always fought each other for the love
Or the dead or for the head of Jupiter
Remember the last words of July
The last time that it died in your eyes
You decided to bring back something good
From the lips of Jupiter

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